Colleen Quinlan
Colleen Quinlan
The Everything Model

Colleen Quinlan

The Everything Model


About Me

As stated I am a model. I love modeling, the runway, the craziness of backstage, the constant change of appearance.
I am an The Everything Model. I can make whatever you put me in work, let it be a pink gown, a black goth set, or a high fashion couture set I am going to rock it.
I am a interesting person, I have been through a lot in my life so I am very understanding and easy to work with.
So if you find what you are looking for in me awesome if not I would still like to work with as many photographers and meet as many people as possible

Runway Experiance

SCAD- 2009 Fashion Show
International Bridal Show 2009
Indian Business Expo- 2010

Shoot Experiance

I have worked with many people, here is a small list.
The Style Counsil
Dave Darden
Foto Atlanta
Bob Holiday
Kurr Studios
Tom Robbins Photography
Evelyn Lambert
Lady Rolax
Make It Snappy
Thomas Todd
Calvin E. Evans
Right To Be Exclusive
Keyhold Images
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